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2005 – Total grants: 90,000 Euro

ACAR Zeynep (UA)
Human lens capsule allotransplantation to replace Bowman's membrane of the cornea

BLAISE Pierre (ULg)
To correlate two major health problems, obesity and age-related macular degeneration, through the leptin, by animal and human studies

BOUFFIOUX Christophe (ULB)
Effect of nucleotides on TNF and IFN gamma signaling in human retinal epithelial cells

DECOCK Christian (UG)
Chlamydia psittaci and chromosomal abnormalities in ocular adnexal MALT lymphoma

DE GREEF Sabrina (ULB)
Inhibition of intraocular inflammation mediated by adeno-associated virus gene transfer of SOCS1 and IkBm

Study of the expression of aquaporins in diabetic retinopathy

PEETERS Liesbeth (UG)
Delivery of therapeutic nucleic acids in RPE cells by PEG-Lipoplex

SOHNGEN Pierre (ULg)
To correlate the level of plasma VEGF family members with the exudative form of age-related macular degeneration

2006 – Total grants: 120,000 Euro

LI Zhongqiu (KUL) - Braille Liga Stichting Prijs
Neuroprotection of neuroglobin: a therapeutic perspective on glaucoma

DE SMEDT S. - Braille Liga Stichting Prijs
Vernal keratoconjunctivitis in Rwanda school children and its association with atopy and parasitic infection. A pilot study

The role of vascular endothelial growht factor in glaucoma surgery

Aquaporins expression in experimental autoimmune uveitis

Development and evaluation of a minitablet and colloidal carrier for the enhancement of topical ocular delivery of cyclosporin

Aetiology and prevalence of visually impaired children in Flanders, Belgium

Th use of the lens capsule in protecting the corneal endothelial cells during phacoemulsification in patients with compromised endothelium

2007 – Total grants: 144,000 Euro

DE SMEDT Stefan (RUG) - Braille Liga Stichting Prijs / Prijs Jules François
Topical cyclosporine in the treatment of vernal kerato-conjunctivitis in a Rwandan eye clinic: a prospective, randomized, double-masked, clinical trial

LELOUP Eva (RUG) - Braille Liga Stichting Prijs
Correlation between visual field defects and fitness to drive in glaucoma patients

MISSOTTEN Guy (UA) - Braille Liga Stichting Prijs
Serum markers in screening for regional and distant metastases in conjunctival melanoma patients

The role of the VEGF family in anti-angiogenesis and neurodegeneration

Role of VEGF-isoforms in pathological angiogenesis

PEETERS Liesbeth (RUG)
Overcoming the barrier of the neural retina for the delivery of non-viral gene complexes to the retinal pigment epithelium

Structural and functional arterial properties in low-tension glaucoma

Ex vivo expansion of human limbal epithelial stem cells for the treatment of corneal diseases with limbal stem cell deficiency

2008 – Total grants: 150,000 Euro

Anti-PLGF, a safer alternative to anti-VEGF in the treatment of AMD?

Identification and characterization of novel disease genes for Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA)

Cultivated stem cell transplantation for the treatment of limbal stem cell deficiency

D'HAENE Barbara (RUG)
Study of candidate genes for ocular anterior segment dysgenesis (ASD)

CHTARTO Abdelwahed (ULB)
Gene transfer of disease regulated promoters during experimental autoimmune uveitis

Inflammatory cytokines in the tears of patients with vascularized corneas

Analysis of a potential new model for neurovascular coupling in retina and its relation to the retinal relaxing factor

JUDICE M RELVAS Lia (CHU Saint Pierre)
Study of the role of P2Y6 receptors in the development of experimental autoimmune uveitis

Utility of FISH in diagnosis and therapy of ocular melanocytic lesions

KOCH Philippe (CHU Saint-Pierre - ULB)
AAV mediated SOCS1 gene expression in ARPE cells in an immune rejection model of xeno-graft for AMD diseases

2009 – Total grants: 145,000 Euro

Immunimodulation of corneal epithelial cells following electroporation with mRNA encoding IL-10 and FasL

Gene transfer of disease regulated promoters during experimental autoimmune uveitis

Is neuroglobin (Ngb) a perspective for glaucoma?

Investigating the influence of wavelength, light intensity and macular pigmentation on retinal straylight

MAKHOUL Dorine ()
Study of the immune response in patients with uveitis and latent tuberculosis

The role of lox and LOXL2 in inflammation and fibrosis in a laser induced mouse model

The effect of microplamin on wound healing after glaucoma filtration surgery

Can preoperative bevacizumab improve trabeculectomy outcome? Avastin-Trab study

Evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid pressure in patients with Alzheimer’s disease as a possible cause of glaucoma


LENOIR Joke (Ghent University)
New aspects of the Slug Mucosal Irritation (SMI) assay: Detecting ocular stinging, itching and burning sensations

VERDIN Hannah (Ghent University)
Identification of novel disease gene for primary congenital glaucoma (PCG) through homozygosity mapping and next-generation sequencing strategies in a large consanguineous pedigree

VAN LOOVEREN Jan (Antwerp University)
Safety of the anterior vitreous detachment induced by microplasmin, pharmacologic vitreolysis to separate the posterior capsule from the anterior hyaloid

ZAKARIA Nadia (Antwerp University)
Tear film biomarkers as prognostic indicators for recurrent pterygium

JUDICE M. RELVAS Lia (CHU Saint-Pierre)
Study of the role of P2Y receptors in the development of experimental autoimmune uveitis

VAN DE VEIRE Sara (Leuven University)
Role of VEGF-isoforms in pathological retinal and choroidal angiogenesis

COPPIETERS Frauke (Ghent University)
Development of a next-generation sequencing platform for retinal dystrophies, with LCA and RP as proof of concept

MAKHOUL Dorine (CHU Saint-Pierre)
Analysis of the utility of QuantiFERON-TB Gold in tube and measurement of IFN¦Ã release by peripheral mononuclear cells in response to different mycobacterium antigen in the work-up of patients with uveitis

VANDEWALLE Evelien (Leuven University)
Microplasmin as an antiscarring agent for glaucoma surgery: Translation into clinical application

VAN BERGEN Tine (Leuven University)
Role of placental growhth factor (PIGF) in wound healing after glaucoma filtration surgery

2011 – Total grants: 95,000 Euro

DE GROEF Lies (Leuven University)
Glaucoma from eye to brain: are MMP-2 and MMP-14 involved?

VAN BERGEN Tine (Leuven University)
Local rock-inhibition as a novel therapeutic approach for neuroprotection of retinal ganglion cells

BAZEWICZ Magdalena (ULB, CHU Saint Pierre)
SOCS1 gene overexpression in the retinal pigment epithelium during experimental autoimmune uveitis

SIJNAVE Davine (Leuven University)
The effect of local rock-inhibition on wound healing after glaucoma filtration surgery

VAN DE VELDE Sarah (Leuven University)
Local rock-inhibition as a novel IOP lowering strategy in the treatment of glaucoma

MOTULSKY Elie (CHU Saint Pierre)
Expression and role of aquaporins in proliferative vitreoretinopathy

HOLLANDERS Karoline (Leuven University)
The role of local rock-inhibition in the pathogenenesis of age-related macular degeneration

Regulation of adhesion molecules in EAU

POSSEMIERS Tine (Antwerp University)
A Th2-inducing dendritic cell vaccine targeting amyloid-beta as found in drusen of patients with age-related macular degeneration

HERMANS Kris (Antwerp University)
Evaluation of cyclosporine ocular dosage forms in an in vivo mouse model

2012 – Total grants: 139,500 Euro

VAN CALSTER Joachim (Leuven University)
Development of microRNA medicines for auto-immune uveitis

VAN BERGEN Tine (Leuven University)
New therapeutic approach for filtration failure after glaucoma filtration surgery

HOLLANDERS Karoline (Leuven University)
The effect of local rock-inhibition on corneal neovascularisation

DE ROO An-Katrien (Leuven University)
The molecular pathogenesis of Fuchs' endothelial dystrophy

BAUWENS Miriam (Ghent University)
Identification of a novel disease gene in consangineous family with a retinal ciliopathy

VAN SCHIL Kristof (Ghent University)
Exploring the role of a novel disease gene RERG in early onset retina dystrophy and related conditions

DEKEYSTER Eline (Leuven University)
Understanding glaucomatous damage: proof of concept for the neurotrophin deprivation hypothesis in an ocular hypertension mouse model

DE GROEF Lies (Leuven University)
Unraveling the potential role of MMP-3 in RGC survival and axonal regeneration

ZAKARIA Nadia (Antwerp University)
Importance of the extracellular milieu in limbal epithelial stem cell damage and repair

POSSEMIERS Tine (Antwerp University)
Fate of transplanted limbal epithelial stem cells

2013 – Total grants: 109,000 Euro

VAN HOUCKE Jessie (Leuven University)
The effect of aging on the regenerative potential of the zebrafish retina: insights in mammalian retinal regeneration

MARTENS Thomas (Ghent University)
Evaluating hyaluronic acid as a coating strategy for intravitreally injected nanomedicines for retinal gene therapy

VAN CAUWENBERGH Caroline (Ghent University)
Identification of a novel gene for autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa by combined linkage analysis and whole exome sequencing

LIPSKI Deborah (University Libre de Bruxelles)
Identification of the gene signature of retinal endothelial cells during classical experimental autoimmune uveitis, Th1- and Th17-dependent uveitis

VERDIN Hannah (Ghent University)
Functional characterization of ECSIT, a candidate disease gene for primary congenital glaucoma (PCG) on chromosome 19p13.2

ZAKARIA Nadia (Antwerp University Hospital)
Self aligning recombinant human collagen scaffolds for corneal tissue engineering

SIJNAVE Davine (Leuven University)
Endothelial recovery by novel rock-inhibitors in the cornea

NI DHUBHGHAILL Sorcha (Antwerp University Hospital)
Examining the optical qualities of explanted IOLs

VAN BERGEN Tine (Leuven University)
Complementary effects of mytomycin-c and anti-fibrotic agents on surgical outcome after glaucoma filtration surgery

VAN LOOVEREN Jan (Antwerp University Hospital)
Histology and immunohistochemistry of the vitreolenticular interface in developmental cataracts

RUIZ HIDALGO Irene (Antwerp University Hospital)
Development of a classification system for normal and keratoconic human corneas to assist in the detection of early keratoconus through a machine learning algorithm

2014 – Total grants: 109,000 Euro

VALGAEREN Hanne (University of Antwerp)
Using targeted next-generation sequencing to identify genes underlying keratoconus

VAN SCHIL Kristof (University of Ghent)
Exploring the role of a novel disease gene EML4 in autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa

LEMMENS Kim (University of Leuven)
MMP-2 as a potential benefactor in zebrafish optic nerve generation

SIJNAVE Davine (University of Leuven)
Development of a new animal model for corneal endothelial research purposes

VAN BERGEN Tine (University of Leuven)
VEGF-Trap as a novel antifibrotic strategy to prevent filtration failure after glaucoma surgery

SALIK Dany (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Potential implications of epigenetic changes in human retinal pigmented epithelium during diabetic retinopathy

BAUWENS Miriam (University of Ghent)
Exploring the role of cis-acting pre-mRNA splicing dynamics in the pathogenesis and treatment of Stargardt disease

VAN LOOVEREN Jan (Antwerp University Hospital)
Proteomic analysis of posterior capsular plaques and capsules in developmental cataracts

VAN DE VELDE Sarah (University of Leuven)
Can Xiaflex improve glaucoma surgery outcome?

DE ROO An-Katrien (University of Leuven)
The pathophysiologic role of SNORD115 and SNORD116 in late-onset Fuchs' endothelial corneal dystrophy

RUIZ HIDALGO Irene (Antwerp University Hospital)
Automated detection, classification and notification of pathological corneas using the Oculus Pentacam

DEKEYSTER Eline (University of Leuven)
Shine a light on glaucoma: an optogenetic approach towards retinal ganglion cell protection

ZAKARIA Nadia (Antwerp University Hospital)
Inflammatory tear cytokine profile in acute HSV epithelial keratitis

HOLLANDERS Karolien (University of Leuven)
ROCK as a potential target in the treatment of different retinopathies

2015 – Total grants: 131,500 Euro

MATTHYSSEN Steffi (University of Antwerp)
3D printed human recombinant collagen scaffolds for corneal tissue engineering: determination of cell-scaffold interactions

PEYNSHAERT Karen (University of Ghent)
An in vitro and ex vivo study on the role of Müller cells in nanoparticle-based retinal gene therapy after intravitreal injection

HAAGDORENS Michel (University of Antwerp)
Tissue engineering in ophthalmology: regenerating the anterior cornea using self-aligning recombinant human collagen scaffolds and corneal epithelial stem cells

VALGAEREN Hanne (University of Antwerp)
RNA sequencing in keratoconus: unraveling the molecular pathways

VAN KEER Karel (University of Leuven)
Development of a portable retinal oximeter using a hyperspectral image sensor

JOOSSEN Cedric (University of Antwerp)
Serine proteases as potential therapeutic targets for ocular inflammation and dry eye syndrome

ALMOALLEM Basamat (University of Ghent)
Integrated transcriptomics and genomics to identify hidden genetic variation of FRMD7 or novel candidate genes in idiopathic infantile nystagmus

VAN DEN BOGERD Bert (University of Antwerp)
In vitro functional characterisation of tissue engineered corneal endothelial grafts

DE GROEF Lies (University of Leuven)
An innovative mouse model for retinal alpha-synucleinopathy: taking a new look on Parkinson's disease

LIPSKI Deborah (Free University of Brussels - ULB)
Identification of the gene signature of retinal endothelial cells during classical experimental autoimmune uveitis, Th1- and Th17-dependent uveitis

WILLEKENS Koen (University of Leuven)
Development of micro needle for retinal vein cannulation

ASCARI Giulia (University of Ghent)
Functional characterisation of RCBTB1 as novel disease gene for syndromic retinal dystrophies

GEERAERTS Emiel (University of Leuven)
Detailed characterization of structural, functional and behavioral changes in laser-induced mouse model for glaucoma

LIBERT Sarah (CHU Saint Pierre)
Role of the transcription factor TonEBP/NFAT5 in the inflammatory response induced by hyperosmolar stress in RPE cells.

RUIZ HIDALGO Irene (University of Antwerp)
Automatic detection of early keratoconus using topography and biomechanical measurements in the corneal horizontal and vertical axis

LEFEVERE Evy (University of Leuven)
Unraveling the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying deleterious ROCK signaling in neuronal survival and axonal growth

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