>> Lauréats: 2016

2016 – Total grants: 122,000 Euro

MATTHYSSEN Steffi (University of Antwerp)
3D printed human recombinant collagen scaffolds for corneal tissue engineering: an in vivo study of biocompatibility

BECKERS An (University of Leuven)
The interplay between dendrite and axon regeneration in central nervous system repair: which way to grow? where to buy best replica watches

VAN SCHIL Kristof (University of Ghent)
Hidden genetic variation in retinal dystrophies - exploring the contribution of copy number variations

BARBOSA BREDA Joao (University Hospital Leuven)
Metabolomic profile of surgical glaucoma patients

DEVOLDERE Joke (University of Ghent)
Intravitreal injection of mRNA containing nanoparticles to induce sustained expression of neurotrophic factors in Müller cells

HAAGDORENS Michel (University of Antwerp)
Tissue engineering in ophthalmology: regenerating the anterior cornea using synthetic collagen-mimicking nanoscaffolds and limbal epithelial stem cells

ANDRIES Lien (University of Leuven)
Neuroinflammation as fuel for axonal regeneration: unravelling the underlying molecular players

BEHAEGHEL Joséphine (University Hospital Brussels)
Enhanced donor selection in the treatment of LSCD using advanced imaging techniques

PEYNSHAERT Karen (University of Ghent)
Exploring strategies to overcome the inner limiting membrane as a barrier for non-viral retinal gene therapy after intravitreal injection

VAN DEN BOGERD Bert (University of Antwerp)
Targeting specific pathways to enhance human corneal endothelial proliferation in vitro

NAESSENS Sarah (University of Ghent)
AON therapy for restoration of defective splicing in genes mutated in hereditary blindness

VAN ACKER Sara (University of Antwerp)
Regenerating the ocular surface using standardized, xeno-free, tissue-engineered conjunctival grafts for conjunctival reconstruction

VAN KEER Karel (University of Leuven)
Automated retinal vessel analysis to improve the detection and management of ophthalmic and systemic diseases

VALGAEREN Hanne (University of Antwerp)
Copy number variation analysis and whole exome sequencing of three unique Belgian keratoconus families

MASSET Maureen (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Role of TonEBP in the inflammatory response of ARPE-19 cells subjected to hyperosmolar stress iwc replica

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